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How do you take your coffee? Do you drink coffee? I only started drinking it when I was 18 and that was only to impress a guy. He took his black because he was vegan, so I took mine black because he was vegan. I hated it the stuff, but I loved the ritual & the time spent chatting with my still good friend.

For years now I have always taken my coffee very strong & short with a splash of hot milk and my favourite way to make it will always be on a stove top moka.

I’ve spent a lot of my time working in coffee shops & I love the uniqueness that comes from the way people eat & drink. I remember one lady that drank her coffee with lashings of cold milk & 8 sachets of Splenda and another man that had a single espresso with 6 sugars. 

Having caffeinated myself through many in cities I thought I would share with you my top places in my four most visited locations to help you get your fix…



Fernandez & Wells– A total coffee Mecca with beautiful locations & a perfect cup. Order a stumpy & a slice of toasted buttered banana sourdough

Workshop Cafe – The only coffee shop I have ever found where the decaf is as good as the caffeinated. These guys kept me going during the non caffeine pregnant months

Tapped – We found this coffee shop as we were on our way to meet a team about fitting out our London shop. We were way too early and this shop was next door. The teaspoons are all vintage and the coffee is delicious

Monmouth is also phenomenal and no trip to Borough market would be complete without waiting in the line for a brew. I also love that mobiles are banned in their shops!



Primo Paso – this gem on Montana Ave is open early serving perfectly fresh coffee made exactly the way you like. Order a cold brew & a monkey bread

Verve – Phenomenal fitouts, the coffee shops are seriously stunning & a great menu to boot. Don’t miss the juice flight tasting



Tim Wendelboe – A homegrown coffee champion this cafe only seats four people but the cappuccino al freddo is worth the wait

Kaffebrenneriet– these guys have been around since I was a kid. I can’t go in without ordering a raisin ‘boller’ and thinking of all the times I nipped in with my mum. Their walls of multi coloured coffee packs are also very instagram  friendly



Emilios (Buttermelcher str) You can get this Munich roasted coffee in lots of locations but go to this tiny hole in the wall location. If you’re lucky Toni will make your coffee tailored to your tastebuds. Order an espresso macchiato with a side of Bavarian banter

Man vs Machine – as a mum with a pram I’m really only allowed in because our bull terrier ups my coolness factor. Locally roasted fruity coffee. Get an espresso, marvel at the beards

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