See you soon

Im going to take a little break from this website… Those of you that know me know that I love cooking, and baking, and feeding (mainly feeding). I love markets and shopping for food. I love sneaking off into the kitchen and playing. I love gifting meals and often turn to nourishment as a way of showing love. But here is the thing, right now I am just not feeling inspired. Its very hard to find a balance between wanting to write about food and wanting to be successful writing about food. It isn’t enough anymore to simply cook and share. I need to time the posts, post at least five times a week, link to Facebook, share on Instagram, engage on Pinterest, be witty on Twitter. In order to attract an audience and work I need to be 100% on each of those outlets. And if I was to be 100% amazing online I can guarantee that I wouldn’t be 100% offline. Read more