Toasted coconut and maple double chocolate donuts

It seems a total cliche to need mum friends when you become a mum but I did & I do. There is some sort of solidarity in numbers. When you want nothing more than a glass of wine at 4pm, when another mum gave you a funny look at the Playpark, when your baby fell

Peanut butter dog biscuits

Happy birthday Nanuk! Its the dogs 6th birthday today and obviously we are celebrating. We serenaded him this morning whilst the baby jumped on his head then headed out on the ‘surfer loop’. The loop starts at ours and takes us over the bridge and then into the park where there is a surf spot

Nectarine and Pecan Baked Oatmeal

Ive been making a concerted effort with breakfast this week. I often leave the house and halfway through the baby/dog walk/nursery drop off I realize I am starving. This being Munich, rather than London, there are not many ‘on the go’ options unless I fancy a croissant or a butter pretzel (I don’t). But then


Blueberry Chia Jam

There has been a total blueberry obsession happening in this house this week. It started because I went to the organic shop & local blueberries were on offer in kilo large punnets at a seriously good price. At the same time the baby decided that blueberries were her absolute total undisputed favourite thing to eat

Summer Corn Salad

Most days I shop with a list & a plan but sometimes it all goes out the window. Some days I walk into the “bio laden” planning to pick up the basics & I leave with a kilo of blueberries and a heap of corn on the cob.Those are the days when I get to