Blueberry Chia Jam

There has been a total blueberry obsession happening in this house this week. It started because I went to the organic shop & local blueberries were on offer in kilo large punnets at a seriously good price.

At the same time the baby decided that blueberries were her absolute total undisputed favourite thing to eat. Which also meant I seemed to constantly have a punnet of them in my basket/in the pram. When fruit is this bountiful my favorite thing to make is chia jam.

Chia jam is the best way to use fresh ripe fruit. You barely have to do a thing & yet you are gifted with a thick delicious multi purpose jam. Spread on toast, stirred through yoghurt, dolloped onto Bircher, eaten greedily straight from the pan (ummmmm…..), it’s enjoyment is endless.

After so much focus on lunch last week, this jam has really helped me up my breakfast game. I eat it topped with sliced almonds, the baby has some with oats. I love that it’s easy & quick to make and also that it keeps in the fridge for at least four days. My love for it is so great that I chose it to be my featured recipe when I was interviewed this week by the wonderful Erica over at “The Star Whisperer”. Erica is a London mama & her blog is a beautiful story board of fashion, lifestyle, design & brand tips. I’m so thrilled that she loves my recipes!

The great thing about chia jam is that you pick the flavor depending on what you need to use up. Blackberries are on their way in & work perfectly. As apples arrive at the end of the month simply stew, blend & add chia (and maybe a dash of cinnamon). Roasted nectarines that have been pureed would be delicious too. You choose, you only need three ingredients, one of which is water, and you are on your way to the perfect breakfast accompaniment.

Ingredients (10 -12 servings)
800g blueberries

4tbsp water

6tbsp chia seeds

Place the fruit into a large pan with the water

Heat slowly and stir often until the fruit has softened & breaks apart

(If using a harder fruit, simply puree at this stage)

Remove from the heat

Add in the chia, stir well & leave to thicken (add more chia for a thicker consistency)

Store chilled in an airtight container for up to 4 days

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